advanced inspection equipment

Innospection Ltd is a specialist solution provider for advanced and innovative inspection services and equipment.

As an expert in electromagnetic inspection technologies such as Eddy Current and Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current, Innospection has delivered advanced non-destructive testing solutions, services and equipment to the worldwide process industries including the Oil & Gas (on- & offshore) industry, refineries, petrochemical and power plants since 1998.

Our innovative R&D team not only develops customised inspection solutions but also designs and builds advanced non-destructive testing equipment to support the inspection and lifetime assessments of pipelines, storage tank floors, pressure vessels, offshore and subsea structures.

NDT Equipment

The range of MEC-PipeScanners and MEC-Floorscanners is designed and built for high speed high, performance inspection applications.


The range of MEC-Pipescanners and MEC-Floorscanners applies the Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique which is proven in the industry to be superior in the detection of corrosion and defects.