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NDT Equipment

The range of MEC-Pipescanners and MEC-Floorscanners is designed and built based on the Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique.

This technique has been proven in the industry as a fast corrosion screening method and is recommended for both risk-based as well as non-intrusive inspection strategies. Not only is it highly sensitive and reliable in the detection of corrosion and defects in pipes, pressure vessels, storage tank floors and other types of steel constructions, it is also able to inspect through coatings, under high temperatures and through thick-walled components.

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Dedicated fast screening MEC-Pipescanners enable the corrosion screening and monitoring of pipelines and pressure vessels with a wall thickness of up to 30mm.

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Combined with the advantageous Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique offers a cost effective solution with benefits of a reliable and thorough inspection for peace of mind.