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Pipeline / Vessel Inspection

The pipeline / vessel inspection using the MEC-Pipescanners is a fast and non-intrusive inspection solution that requires low preparation. With a high sensitivity in the detection of pitting and general corrosion, the MEC-Pipescanners are able to inspect pipelines and vessels with wall thickness of up to 30mm.


Suitable for diameter of 2” onwards to flat, painted and coated pipes / pressure vessels can be inspected over a wide temperature range.

The aims of pipe / pressure vessel inspection are:

  • Identification of corrosion areas and monitoring corrosional growth
  • Determination of pipe / pressure vessel integrity
  • Fulfillment of in-house and authorities’ health and safety requirements
  • Verification of previous inspection results


The MEC-Pipescanners are based on the advantageous Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique and offer the following advantages for pipe / pressure vessel inspection:

  • Fast screening of large areas within a short timeHigh sensitivity in detecting internal and external corrosion and defects (individual pitting, microbiological corrosion, carbon dioxide corrosion, etc)
  • Inspection over a wide range of wall thicknesses
  • Inspection over a wide range of temperatures
  • Inspection of both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials
  • Inspection through different coatings and cladding types
  • Differentiation between external and internal defects
  • Differentiation between different defect positions or other occurrences
  • Low surface preparation and limited cleaning prior to inspection
  • Provision of reliable, accurate and repeatable results