advanced inspection equipment

Tank Floor Inspection

The tank floor inspection and integrity support using the MEC-Floorscanners is combined with the advantageous Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique.


The MEC-Floorscanners are capable of inspecting with high speed floor plates up to 30mm and penetrating through coating up to 10mm thick. They are also designed to cover the maximum inspectable areas of the shell including areas unreachable by other inspection systems.

The aims of storage tank inspection serve to achieve the following:

  • Identification of corrosion, leakages and areas to be repaired
  • Establishing the integrity of the storage tank
  • Fulfillment of in-house and authorities’ health and safety requirements
  • Fulfillment of maintenance requirements as per EEMUA 159 / API 653 Standards


The MEC-Floorscanners are based on the advantageous Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique and offers the following advantages:

  • High inspection speed of approximately 25m/min
  • High sensitivity in detecting defects up to 30mm wall thickness
  • High sensitivity in detecting defects through coatings & composite up to 10mm
  • Inspection of stainless steel tanks, carbon steel and non-ferrous tank floors
  • Inspection of lined and unlined tank floors
  • Inspection over a wide range of temperatures with experience up to 150 deg C
  • Minimal dead zone on floor plate adjacent to tank shell and floor plate overlaps
  • Inspection and detection of corrosion at overlap welds in lined tank floors
  • Separate reporting details for topside and underside defects
  • Low surface preparations and limited cleaning prior to inspection
  • Reliable inspection results and computer aided mapping with extensive colour overview of
    • condition mapping
    • c-scan report
    • statistical analysis overview
    • individual defect listing
    • repair plate reporting